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Mixtape Mix


2 Track Song and Individually Tracked Vocals

Full Mix


Full Track Out (Stems) - Individually Tracked Instruments, Drums and Vocals

Song Mastering


MP3 320kbps -- WAV 44.1kHz/16bit "CD standard" INCLUDED -- WAV 24bit "hi-res"* INCLUDED -- (This price is "Per Song") --- NOTE: * hi-res 24bit formats require original source to be 24bit or better

Music Production


The Creation Of An Instrumental Composition

Metatdata Services


Embedded Metadata (if supplied) -- Embedded Cover Art (if supplied) -- ** This service is adding the artwork, credit information, and song information directly to mixed and mastered files. This price is "Per Song File"

Dolby™ Atmos Mixes


Dolby Atmos is an object-based sound system that puts every instrument and sound within a virtual 3D space around the listener...

Consultation with MouseQuake™


Phone - Zoom - Facetime Consultations

Ask questions and obtain advice on how to meet your goals for clarification of your music career intentions.

(Please be advised that pricing is per hour)